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Spring Break Camp 2012 Participant: JOSEPH K WAMBUGU

29 Apr




I want to go on a trip to increase my scope of understanding of my own social life and identity in order to be able to blend in the community as am trying to bring the changes I desire to bring. Additionally being on a trip with intellectuals will always give you a chance to interact, socialize, network, learn, broaden knowledge base (knowledge management). I am an agent of change, and being on this trip gives me an opportunity to practice and bring that change in collaboration with spring break camp. I choose my social issues because: they change my life positively, they change other people’s economic, social and environmental life positively, add value to my being, and bring long term change to me and my country


Spring Break Camp 2012 Participant: SERAH MUINDI

22 Apr


(COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY) Says …I want to go because this seems like an opportunity to network. The skills I will learn will also be very helpful when it comes to community empowerment and development. I picked on youth and education because am still young and have a passion to see my age mates progressing. I’m good at working in and with a team with regard to building team cohesion. This will affect my trip  in that it will make me a better team member. Am very talkative and this may get on the nerves of come team members and affect their ability to produce results.

Spring Break Camp 2012 Participant: JOB KINYUA MURIITHI

22 Apr



 I want to go on a trip because I love travelling, socializing and basically, learning. Am an outgoing individual who appreciates every bit of adventure and learning. I chose Youth and Education since I understand the need for youth empowerment, not only in Kenya, but also in the whole World too. Youths are most affected by changes in policies, strategies and programs, and in turn with appropriate and right information and knowledge can steer the establishment of the best of these (policies, strategies and programs) for not only them, but also the society.

Spring Break Camp 2012 Participant: ESTHER NDUTA

22 Apr



This is a great opportunity to learn ,make friends and visit the Western part of Kenya which I have never been to and only hear of.For Kenya to fairly compete in the global arena and develop economically ,socially and politically we must do the following.Sensitize the youth on the role they have to play,educate them,make every Kenyan aware of  his or her human rights and  impart knowledge and the necessary skills for them to formulate practical developmental blue-prints.Consequently, we will have solved the hunger problem among many other issue such as illiteracy(which is a cause of underdevelopment.)I also would like to know other ways of conserving the environment other than planting trees and what role I have to play in the conservation of the environment

Volunteer from Canaan Royal Schools: Marion Mayende (Biography)

17 Apr


Ms. Marion Mayende

Director of Image Counseling Center at Canaan Royal Schools

Marion hails from Western Kenya and is married with two children Dan 16 and Patricia 14, and a committed Christian. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from Mount Kenya University and a Higher Diploma in Counseling Psychology from the Kenya Institute of Professional Counseling. Marion further holds an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from Fordham University (Centre for International Humanitarian Corporation).

Marion’s interest in development saw her win The United Nations Global Micro-Entrepreneurship Award (GMA) during the 2005 International Year of Microcredit (cf., credit). It was at this point that Marion realized just how much sustainable and appropriate global development is the most important challenge facing human kind. Her goal is to see Kenya develop economically, socially and politically. She strongly believes that sustainable development is achievable if we put our minds and hearts to it.

Marion has been very instrumental in providing psychosocial interventions in Kenya to victims of the post-election violence in coping with the trauma.  She has had a personal effect in assisting thousands of internally displaced persons rebuild their lives and livelihoods and in fostering peace building through out the region.

Marion serves as the Director of Image counseling Centre, the Canaan Royal schools and a board member at Centre for Community empowerment Marion is totally a respecter of feelings, beliefs and values of other people and enjoys her fruits, vegetables, and gym hours whenever time allows.

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”
                                                                                                                             Napoleon Hill


Spring Break Camp 2012 Participant: EMILY ONGUS

11 Apr



My participation in the institute of women, gender and development studies as a member and public relations officer has seen among other activities outreach programs to many high schools around Kenya. This has involved encouraging various students in problem areas to surpass
have involved encouraging various students in problem areas to surpass their problems and encourage them to beat the odds and succeed. The areas have include turkana, samburu, Nakuru- London, Njoro- mwisho wa lami, Mombasa, samburu area, Migori, Muhuru bay and kilimo high school, Egerton university, with kabianga university college most recently this year, other talks involved gender sensitization issues and of  course reproductive health. One of the major achievements was the community service that involved helping with the building of wiser girls which involved painting, digging of trenches for the electric lines and water pipes, clearing the area and helping with preparing for the opening ceremony which ended with a football match between Egerton university students and the community. This was all very fulfilling. In this regard, the camp will be a very good avenue to learn more from the community and make a difference. My background in agriculture also makes me want to participate as the area in question lies in the semi – arid zone and therefore agriculture is not as developed. This calls for a need on educating the community on practices that can be adopted to improve on the same. The camp is an excellent idea on the same and involvement of us as students is much commendable.

Spring Break Camp 2012 Participant: OGONDA CALVINS ODHIAMBO

11 Apr



Giving back to the society is one idea that every student aspires to embrace at any level of academic qualification. The idea of the camp comes as an outstanding opportunity for me to put to test the desire in me to make a change in someone’s life by giving the right pieces of advice to those who are really in need of it, sharing views and information with students from other universities and also brainstorm on a number of ways through we can make our environment a better place for our own existence. I believe I have the capability to interact with people and make new friends and that my presence will be able to make a difference in the camp. My area of specialization deals in health and environment and it would be my pleasure to share with the participants of the camp and local community of Muhuru Bay any piece of information that can benefit them. I have participated in a number of community based projects and I believe that an opportunity granted me to join the academic entourage from other universities would be of help. Thanks to all the stakeholders who came up with the brilliant idea for they are a true blessing to the society.