Benson Mudenyo: My Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 experience story.

19 Jun


Spring Break Kenya Blog - Camp 2012 participant Benson Mudenyo

Camp 2012 participant Benson Mudenyo
We were however all thankfull that our encounter was great and the Spring Break Camp a great success.In my heart,I silently promised myself not to miss the next camp in Kwale come next year.And what more could I tell myself but a bellowed BRAVO!

When I first walked through the gates of Maseno University on 20th June,I didn’t realize that I had just signed in  for an experience worth documenting.This hit me when Simeon gave me a warm welcome and introduced me to the rest of the Springers who were the liveliest earthlings I ever expected to encounter.Later,as we boarded the university bus and cruised off for Bondo, I couldn’t help but thank my lucky stars for having ushered me to such a humble little family of fellow springers who were swift to take jokes out on me like we were in the same soap opera a month ago.

Living and studying in Egerton University is naturally a fullfilling experience,but interacting with students the likes of Hermon, Joe and Eunice just to mention a few from different universities that first evening was a chance even Donald Trump himself wouldn’t spare to miss.

The great minds I got to interact with as we all brainstormed ideas on how we would handle our week-long activities concerning community intergration, sustainable development and environmental conservation among others was completely overwhelming! Even as I hopped into my blanket that night,I realized that a secret part in my conscience had been clicked open, thanks to Spring Break.


The following day saw a flurry of activities as we set camp, debated on what lay on our hands and engaged in critical determination of the most congruent approach to impart our elite skills to the junior students and farmers we intended to visit. Furthermore, it was a perfect opportunity to share our diverse campus life experiences,get to discuss our individual dreams and trust me,we even hitched a hike to the Bondo Hills.


When I got assigned to class 3 pupils of Matangwe Primary School on Tuesday morning, I realized that this was a first class test I couldn’t afford to fail. The pupils were so young,so innocent with the passion to learn so well drawn in their passionate eyes. Looking at them was what drew Lenah and I to them. They were quick to respond to questions and appreciated the fun of life skills and the importance of education. I can’t deny that this experience was what steered the desire to interact with students of Got Abiero Secondary the following day, debating on and discussing various issues from the vast academic fields,drugs,sex and relationships to the importance of environmental conservation. Through all these, I came to appreciate the unity these students and their teachers manifested.Indeed it became clear to me that cohesion and intergration  is imperative for success. I couldn’t help beaming at my fellow Springers that evening for having made such a wonderful day a great success.


As the days progressed, life in the camp assumed even greater fun. We organized hikes,went collecting firewood,raced wheelbarrows while fetching water and made friends at the market centre.We even torched Maina’s old pants! Little did we know that all this had a sound impact on the community. They admired our unity and enjoyed our fun. They were elated at the photos we flicked,and we were astounded at their warm welcome. Everyone couldn’t agree more with Ms Muchocho; a lecturer at Maseno University, when she visited with her son Steve. They were both very inspirational,urging us to always seek to organize,codify and transform knowledge to the community.


I couldn’t believe that Friday had come so early. The closing ceremony was eventful,with us thanking the community for the great time we had and appreciating the elderly advice they offered. My nostalgia was further compounded the next day as we broke camp and left for Kisumu for boat riding. We were however all thankfull that our encounter was great and the Spring Break Camp a great success.

In my heart, I silently promised myself not to miss the next camp in Kwale.


Words by Benson Mudenyo – Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 participant.


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