Calvin Ogonda: My Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 experience. The bits you missed!

19 Jun

The Spring Break Camp 2012 was a one of a kind experience that made the one week that we spent together as a group of intellects very memorable.

The camp was the first of its kind in Kenya and I believe that it was such a great honor to be selected as one of the pioneer participants of the event. I personally was enthusiastic about the camp even before the moment arrived because I knew deep down in my heart that I wouldn’t be disappointed in any way.

I got the chance to interact and share experiences with people from diverse backgrounds and it made me realize how culturally rich our country is, and how we can be able to harness this for the greater good of our nation.

I got to Maseno University at around 3pm where participants for the camp were supposed to converge for our departure to the camp site. Everybody was so full of energy and despite the fact that most of the participants had never known one another prior to the camp, conversations were spontaneous and it was like we had known each other for ages! It was a wonderful experience and I knew in my heart that the one-week tour was going to be a life-changing experience.

The participants were students from public universities in Kenya (Egerton, Maseno, JKUAT and Moi).

I was so happy that the moment had finally arrived, as I also had the chance to familiarize myself with a few colleagues here and there.

The camp gave me an opportunity to look inside me a person and ask myself whether I am of use to the society that brought me up and whether I had given back to the society.

Having spent the greater percentage of my teenage life within the rural areas, I have always believed that whatever knowledge that I gather at the higher learning institution where I currently am, I should be able to channel it back to the society where I grew up so that somebody else can also have the opportunity to benefit.

As we visited the primary and secondary schools, I was able to note the challenges that I was also facing when I was at that level. I had the opportunity to inspire motivation and give advice to a few students who I believe benefited. We were also able to tackle some of the environmental concerns that are threatening the existence of our nation and how the community was able to reduce them.

There was a tree-planting session

The tree-planting session which took place on the second last day of the camp was the climax of the activities that took place at the spring break camp 2012. The villagers took interest in it and vowed together with the local authorities to protect the trees at all cost. The youth together with women and children as well as the old participated in the event. It is an understatement to say that the event was great; it was more than great!

By the end of the camp, I could lift my head high and say that I have made a difference in someone’s life and the society as a whole.

The camp gave me a chance to make new friends;

the likes of Maina and Benson who made the whole experience humorous, Lawrence (a.k.a. CUZO), Hermon, Rahab, Mary (……!), Charity, Esther, Ondieki, Joe (za ovyo wewe), Hannington (JAH RASTA), Serah, Eunice (always gave us a reason to smile), Lenah (her smile is awesome, I swear!) and my dear brother Simeon who worked tirelessly to make the camp a success, I salute you all. God bless the Spring Break Kenya Pioneers!

“When special people touch our lives, we see how wonderful and beautiful our world can be. They show us that our special hopes and dreams can take us far. They believe in us, even when we have ceased to believe in ourselves, they add fuel to the diminishing fire of our spirit and rekindle our lost hope. They are not confidence shakers but confidence boosters.”

I hope that you will be part of this cabinet, dear brothers, sisters and dears friend! Before this day ends, make sure that somebody somewhere has a reason to live because you believe in him or her! Give someone a chance to tremendously change the course of his or her life.

I Salute Pioneers of Spring Break Kenya for doing this!!!

The one week journey we had back there in that small village has purposefully made a difference in someone’s life!!


Words by Calvin Ogonda – Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 participant.


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