Mary Nyoike: My Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 experience story

19 Jun

Being my first ever camp on community integration and development, it was great and I really enjoyed it!

I learnt that we do not need more strength, more ability or greater opportunity to succeed in life. What we need to use is what we have.

We have our communities as our major resources; for instance, what have you done for your community?

I discovered that our communities really need you and me.

The community requires a person to understand them, equip and empower them and keep encouraging them on economic activities that can help them sustain and improve their living standards. I believe that we all need somewhere to support ourselves in order for us to achieve great things in life and so let us be the solid ground to make great changes to our communities who are very ready and willing to embrace and appreciate new ideas.

In a few words, Camp 2012 was…

very enjoyable, exciting and unforgettable.

It was lively and full of fun despite the serious and tiresome activities. I gained valuable experience in that period and I never regret it because I feel I did my share in community development.

Let’s not just stop there, let’s come together and be the change that we wish to see in the world and that change STARTS NOW!

Words by Mary Nyoike – Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 participant.


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