Stephen Maina: My experience in Spring Break Kenya 2012. Here comes the nostalgia.

19 Jun

I arrived in Kisumu town a day before the big week with no clue of how it looked like, I was quite anxious about it but to my surprise I was welcomed in the best way in the world, as far as I remember.

I spent the night at a friends of mine and work up the next day to explore a bit on really what makes up Kisumu.

At around 2p.m I boarded a matatu whose destination was Maseno University. On arrival I met with Simeon and his brother and within a short while we were on our way to Kawino, which is past Bondo, for the week of pure community outreach.

My experience, I must say, was one of my greatest, as I had a good opportunity to interact with children, youths and adults in and around Bondo and Rarieda districts and impacting what I knew to them and reciprocally receiving from them.

We visited several primary schools, which offered great opportunities for interaction with the pupils. It was a chance to challenge and motivate them to work hard. They have to be motivated generally for education.

Without forgetting we managed to visit a secondary school. We divided students into their respective forms and I clearly admire their receptivity and questions that raised. This brought back the nostalgic memories of the days I was in high school.

I loved the idea of school outreaches and believe that it greatly impacted on the students and the community as a whole no matter the language barrier problem.

I would like also to mention on the interaction with the community during the tree planting exercise as I managed to met with some farmers and chatted with them on few skills I knew on farming and finally on the communal planting of the trees in and around Kawino town. I can’t forget the goodafternoon we spent with madam Muchocho for such a great talk on community development, I must say that I borrowed a lot from her and she really impacted on my life.

Finally I enjoyed the company of all the participants as they were all jovial, lovely and really had grown some deep attachments until now that I still make contacts with them.

Generally, my experience was lovely and really looking forward into the next spring break camp to learn and also to share what I have.

Words by Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 participant – Stephen Maina


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