Ondieki N. John: Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 experience story.

20 Jun
John Ondieki - Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 participant

“It’s only when I see you and share, that then you will know much this experience changed me and I hope to see you in the next camp so that we share” – Ondieki John

“Hello? How are you doing?” She asked.

“Am OK here, just relaxing,” I said.

“We have a function here at MASENO UNIVERSTY for SIFE and I would like you to come and participate for SPRING BREAK,” She continued.

That one call made on 18 MAY 2012 was able to make me take an important but anxious journey from Nairobi to MASENO UNIVERSITY then to Bondo for a Spring Break Experience with the theme of “COMMUNITY INTERGRATION THROUGH INTELLIGENCIA AND RURAL PARTNERSHIP” to teach, help, learn, be helped and taught by the community we were to visit.

Meeting the unknown faces and people on arrival was a feeling that was unspeakable, let alone that of going to an unknown land and community.

We set out on the journey to Bondo where our camp was to take place and along the way, I could see the happiness on my fellow Springers faces. It would be an understatement to say everyone seemed happy! The activities we participated in ran for one week from 20 to 26 May 2012.During this week we visited different schools and talked to community members about education and agricultural activities that they could undertake to ensure food security. We received good advice and were visited by our Lecturer (famously known as Mama Erick Omondi) and she gave us life lessons worth holding on to.

Did you miss camp 2012?

You missed a lot.

By day 3, I had made many friends within the community and fellow Springers and we lived like a family. It was as if we had known each other for 20 yrs. or so…..It was a like feeling being back at home, yet so far away and without any worries but only expectations for the next day! I was enjoyed myself and learnt a lot from the places we visited and activities we undertook.

New nicknames were the only names you could use as we had gotten used to each other and it was great! I arrived there anxious but I was now wishing the Spring Break Camp would never end.

By day four, we had achieved, learnt and impacted the community, and it was worthy staying there for another….let see……lifetime!

On our last day, we planted new seedlings and talked to various community leaders and dwellers and we had various friends around including our host Mr. Steve Genga. Visiting those schools, seeing young people have a bright future and great hopes in life and making an impact is a feeling you don’t want to miss next time.

I learnt a lot from how to deal with people in any community to how to preserve what I used to take for granted .I made new friends and impacted a positive change in someone’s’ life. Our lecturer taught us that life is not about being rich or poor, but it is all about helping and bettering the life of every person next to you.

Believe me it is worthy and enjoyable to do so because after that, it feels greater than winning a lottery of a billion US dollars or anything…..!

That smile you receive, the happiness, it is incomparable. I miss the moments and times.

When the final day reached we said our goodbyes but surely I was a positively changed man and had learnt a lot more than these pages can fill.

Too big an experience

It’s only when I see you and share, that  then you will know much this experience changed me and I hope to see you in the next camp so that we share.

Though you may have missed this, there will be more and hope you will be there so that we share and learn because it is an experience you don’t wanna miss!

When will be the next camp so that I can enjoy the moments and experience of learning and sharing with the community and Interact?

When will it be so that I can come to see you there?


Words by Ondieki N. John – Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 participant.


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