Rahab Wamaitha – Spring Break Camp 2012 experience story

21 Jun

Attending the spring-break camp was one of the best experiences I have ever had as a in my life.

Despite the many challenges I faced, while preparing to attend the camp, I really thank God I was able to overcome them all. Finally, Sunday, 20th may 2012 was here!

Very eager to set off for the camp, I woke up very early to pack the belongings I needed to carry with me. By 10.00am, I was through. Then Simeon, Eunice and I left for Kisumu to shop for the goods we would need to ease our stay in Anyuong’i village. Since time was not on our side, we had to shop as fast as we could so that we would be back to Maseno by 5.00pm, which was the departure time to the campsite.

Arriving in Maseno, I interacted with the Springers who had finally arrived after long and tiresome journeys.

5.00pm clicked!

We all boarded the bus eager to reach our destination. Along the way, we managed to socialize with the community during brief stops along the journey as we added to our shopping. We arrived in Anyuongi village at 7.00pm after two hours of travelling.

Immediately after settling down, there was a heavy down pour, which seemed to bless our stay in Nyangoma division. Our mission was to develop the community socially, educate them on how to improve their surrounding and enlighten them on economic empowerment. Being university students, we had a hard task ahead of us. This was to change the community’s perspective about university students. However, we managed to tackle it easily through self-discipline. Trust me, by the end of the camp the villagers were so happy with us that they wished we would extend our stay. We managed to visit four primary schools and one high school.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the entire community of Nyangoma Division for their warm welcome, co-operation and participation in all our activities. It is also my pleasure to encourage all the readers of this blog to plan to attend the Spring break camps in future. It is an experience impossible to get anywhere else!


Words by Rahab Wamaitha – Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 participant.


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