My experience at Spring Break Camp 2012 – by Lawrence Muchilwa

15 Jun

It is said that a place is only as good as the people there, friends you make and the times you have while there and the feeling you get where you remember of it all. Continue reading


Serah’s Experience – Spring Break Camp 2012

2 Jun
Serah's Experience - Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012

Serah participated in the Spring Break Kenya Camp 2012 in May 2012.

I got to Bondo after a long and tiresome journey from Moi University in Eldoret. It was Tuesday evening and I couldn’t help but realize how much I had missed out already.


I arrived to find participants coming from a hike/ firewood collection and the excitement and energy they had was simply infectious! After a sweet supper meal, we sat around a bonfire and listened to group members give reports on the achievements of their day. As I listened quietly, I thanked God that I had decided to come even though I had arrived a day late.


We got to bed really late but I wasn’t complaining!! The following day began quite early because we had schools to visit and fun to enjoy!  The administration of the schools we visited had a very warm and welcoming reception mostly because they did not hesitate to allow us to talk to and interact with their pupils. The pupils were really attentive and eager to learn. This was clearly demonstrated by the questions they asked and how keen they were to listen to the responses. They were also very active and open with us, maybe because we were strangers to them, but who knows!


It would be an understatement when I say that this experience was life changing, for the 5 days that ensued.


My highlight was during a talk by Ms. Muchocho who got me to understand the value of my course to my community.

“In humility there is no humiliation,”

were her opening words and for an hour, it was the most eye-opening moment of my life!

There is no feeling that compares with what we feel when we give back to the society that we take so much from. Two of my colleagues and I walked into a form three class in Bondo, nervous and wondering if we could really do it.


Make a difference.

By the time we were leaving those students, I was confident that I could not have been of greater value. I vividly remember an encounter that Mr. Simeon and I had when we went to the market to buy groceries for supper, an elderly lady approached us and greeted me in Dholuo and I just looked at her, clueless on how to respond until Mr. Simeon bailed me out.


That became my source of motivation to learn Dholuo and be able to interact with the very friendly members of Bondo community more freely.


I got to learn the respect accorded to older members in the community and appreciated the friendly and welcoming nature of the Bondo community.


As I boarded the vehicle back to campus on Saturday I had the widest grin on my face! I had just walked out of the swimming pool in Kisumu Hotel feeling refreshed and ready to embark on the Spring Break Journey of impacting the community.


Spring Break Camp 2012 gave me an opportunity that I will cherish and want everyone else to share in!!!

Spring Break Camp 2012 Press Release

14 May


The first Spring Break Camp organized by Kenyan University students and funded by the young Kenyan intellectuals committed to community service through educational community outreach programs aimed at integrating the experiences of young intellectuals and rural communities in Kenya is just a week away. Continue reading

Africa and Us Roundtable by Victoria Ogundipe

1 May

Africa and Us

The Africa and Us Round-table has been organized by Victoria Ogundipe to take place in New York on May 26th 2012. The Forum aims to address three Main Issues of Africa in order to invest and plant the seeds of a secure future. The issues to bve addressed include: Lack of Quality Education, Inefficiencies in Governance, and Unemployment/ Economic Instability. The goal of the forum is to address and create solutions for these challenges. Spring Break Kenya shall also be highlighted and the Camping Video shall also be released to the participants to underscore some of the solutions that Young Thinkers are coming up with in order to create a more prosperous and successful generation with the capacity to transform this Continent and change its fortunes. Miss Ogundipe, a dedicated young Intellectual with a vision, is on a mission to awaken the minds of Africa through the Round-table in order to increase awareness and develop partnerships with organizations like Spring Break and its partner organizations within and outside the Continent. The Round-table shall also aim to financially support the ongoing Camp 2012 organized by Spring Break Kenya, which begins on May 20th 2012, in Muhuru Bay, Kenya.

Miss Ogundipe is native of the West African Country of Nigeria pursuing Higher Learning in Bard College, New York. She is a believer in Africa’s resurgence. One of her favorite Quotes is highlighted below

“If by a “Liberal” they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind,someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions,someone who cares about the welfare of the people – their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad,if that is what they mean by a “Liberal,” then I’m proud to say I’m a “Liberal.”

Spring Break Camp 2012 Participant: VALERIE WANJIKU

1 May


I want to go on this trip because I want to expose myself to an experience that will enable me to think more broadly and openly. I want to meet people, share ideas with them, make friends as well as get to know myself much better. This trip will unlock talents in me that I don’t know of as yet and improve me and make me a better person, socially and professionally. It will also enable me to get ways in which I would give back to the society and help others to make the world a better place to live in. I chose youth and education first of all because I am a young person and a learner. The youth are a vibrant group with a lot of potential and energy and also faced with numerous challenges, education being among them. These challenges may be in accessing education or applying the education acquired professionally. It is also interesting to deal with the youth because of their determination, energy, charisma and talent.

Spring Break Camp 2012 Participant: JOSEPH K WAMBUGU

29 Apr




I want to go on a trip to increase my scope of understanding of my own social life and identity in order to be able to blend in the community as am trying to bring the changes I desire to bring. Additionally being on a trip with intellectuals will always give you a chance to interact, socialize, network, learn, broaden knowledge base (knowledge management). I am an agent of change, and being on this trip gives me an opportunity to practice and bring that change in collaboration with spring break camp. I choose my social issues because: they change my life positively, they change other people’s economic, social and environmental life positively, add value to my being, and bring long term change to me and my country

Spring Break Camp 2012 Participant: SERAH MUINDI

22 Apr


(COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY) Says …I want to go because this seems like an opportunity to network. The skills I will learn will also be very helpful when it comes to community empowerment and development. I picked on youth and education because am still young and have a passion to see my age mates progressing. I’m good at working in and with a team with regard to building team cohesion. This will affect my trip  in that it will make me a better team member. Am very talkative and this may get on the nerves of come team members and affect their ability to produce results.